Army Air Forces in Europe

world war II

25th Bomber Group

8th Air Force 25th BG

Squadrons of the 25th BG

652nd Bombardment Squadron - Heavy
653rd Bombardment Squadron - Light
654th Bombardment Squadron - SP

Assigned 8th AAF: 22 Apr 1944 as 802nd Recon Group, activated as 25th BG on 9 Aug 1944

Wing/Command Assignment

325 PW 9 Aug 1944

Combat Aircraft:

B-17F Sep 1943 to May 1944
B-17G from Nov 1943
B-24J Jul 1944 to Nov 1944
Mosquito XVI from Apr 1944 with the 653BS and 654BS
B-26G 654BS


WATTON 22 Apr 19 44 to 23 Jul 1945

Group COs

Lt Col Joseph A. Stenglein unkn to 23 Sep 1944
Col Leon W. Gray 23 Sep 1944 to 14 Apr 1945
Lt. Col John R. Hoover 14 Apr 1945 to 19 Jun 1945
Maj Ernest H. Patterson 19 Jun 1945 to Jul 1945

First Mission: 22 Apr 1944
Last Mission: 25 Oct 42
Total sorties: 3,370
Aircraft MIA: 15

Major Awards: None


The 652nd BS originated as a provisional weather reconnaissance unit which was formed at St. Eval with B-17Fs on 8 Sep 1943 for conducting Atlantic meteorological flight. Moved to Bovingdon in Nov. 1943. Had flown 231 weather sorties when reorganized as 8th WRS (H) (P) on 28 Mar 1944. Two other squadron were established at the same date for special reconnaissance operations in enemy air space. Equipped with Mosquitos, WRS(L) (P) engaged chiefly in weather flight over the continent. Later weather scouting missions in advance of bomber formations and visual coverage of target strikes. WRS(Sp)(P) flew photo recon, sorties by day and night. Later duties included 'chaff' screening flights for bomber mission. Nucleus for both Mosquito squadrons came from ex P-38 pilots of 50 Fighter Squadron who were transferred Iceland from Feb 1944. Redeployed USA Jul/Aug 1945. Group established Drew, Florida and inactivated 8 Sep 1945.

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