Army Air Forces in Europe

world war II

34th Bomber Group

8th Air Force 34th BG

Squadrons of the 34th BG

4th Bombardment Squadron - Heavy
7th Bombardment Squadron - Heavy
18th Bombardment Squadron -Heavy
391st Bombardment Squadron - Heavy

Assigned 8th AAF: Apr 1944

Wing/Command Assignment

3 BD, 93 CBW Apr 1944
3 AD, 93 CBW 1 Jan 1945

Combat Aircraft:

B-24H and B-24J to 24 Aug 1944
B-17G from 17 Sep 1944


MEND ELSHAM 18 Apr 1944

Group COs

Col. Ernest J. W ackwitz Jr. 5 Jan 1944 to Sep 1944
Col William E. Creer Sep 1944 to 29 May 1945
Lt. Col Eu gene B. L eBailly 29 May 1945 to Aug 1945

First Mission: 23 May 1944
Last Mission: 20 Apr 1945
Missions: 170 (62 B-24)
Total Sorties: 5,713
Total Bomb Tonnage: 13,424.6 Tons
Aircraft MIA: 34

Major Awards: None

Claims to Fame

Did not lose a single bomber to enemy fighter action over enemy territory. Only losses to enemy aircraft over it's own base. Oldest USAAF bomb group to serve with the 8th AF.

Early History:

Activated 15 Jan 1941 at Langley field, Va. 391st Bomb Squadron orginially designated 1RS Group equipped with B-17s and on completion of traning moved to Westover Field in Mass. They took part in anti-submarine patrols on the eastern seaboard flying from Pendleton Field, Ore. from the end of January 1942 to mid May 1942. Group moved to Davis Monthan Field in Arizonia and on 4 Jul 1942 to Geiger Field Washington, where it became a replacement training unit. Prior to this many of the cadres were drawn from 34 Bomb Group to build new bomb groups destinef for the 8th AF. On 15 December 1942 they moved to Blyth Field, California where it formed part of the 358th CCTS but reverted to an operational role 5 January 1944 to train B-24s for overseas duty. Air echelon began overseas movement on 31 May 1944, taking southern ferry route, from Florida Trinidad, Brazil, West Africa, Marrakesh to Valley. Grounnd echelon to port of embarkation on 1 Apr 1944.

Subsequent History:

Redeployed to the US Jun/Jul 1945. First of the air echelon departed 19 Jun, 1945. Ground echelon sailed Queen Elizabeth from Southhampton on the 6th of Aug 1945. Personnel had 30 days R and R. Group established Sioux Falls AAFd, South Dakota, and inactivated there on 28 August 1945.

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