Army Air Forces in Europe

world war II

351st Bomber Group

8th Air Force 351st BG

Squadrons of the 351st BG

508th Bombardment Squadron - Heavy
509th Bombardment Squadron - Heavy
510th Bombardment Squadron -Heavy
511th Bombardment Squadron - Heavy

Assigned 8th AAF: April 1943

Wing/Command Assignment

VIII BC, 1 BW, 101 PCBW May 1943
VIII BC, 1 BD, 1 CBW 13 Sep 1943
VIII BC, 1 BD, 92 CBW 1 Nov 1943
VIII BC, 1 BD, 94 CBW 15 Dec 1943
1 BD, 94 CBW 8 Jan 1944
1 AD, 94 CWB 1 Jan 1945

Combat Aircraft:



POLEBROOK 15 April 1943 to 23 June 1945

Group COs

Col. William A. Hatcher Nov 1942 to 31 Dec 1943 (MIA)
Col. Eugene A. Romig 1 Jan 1944 to Oct 1944
Col. Robert W. Burns 12 Oct 1944 to 30 Mar 1945
Col. Merlin I. Carter 30 Mar 1945 to Jun 1945

First Mission: 14 May 1943
Last Mission: 20 Apr 1945
Missions: 311
Total Sorties: 8,600
Total Bomb Tonnage: 20,357 Tons
Aircraft MIA: 124

Major Awards:

Distinguished Unit Citations:
11 Jan 1944 (All 1 BD groups)
9 Oct 1943 Anklam

Claims to Fame

509 BS made 54 consecutive missions on June 1943 to January 1944 without losses.
"Ball Boys" squadron the 511th BS was part of Group.
Clark Gable flew missions with this group.

Early History:

Activated 1 October 1942 at Salt Lake City AB, Utah. The group established at Geiger Field in Washington in November of 1942 where the Group was assembled for initial training, and the Second phase of training was conducted at Biggs Field, Texas, between December of 1942 and March of 1943. The unit then moved to Pueblo AAB, Colorado for preparation for overseas movement. the ground unit left Pueblo for New York on the 12th of April 1943. the aircraft began movement on the 1st April 1943.

Subsequent History:

Redeployed to the US in May and June 1945. the first aircraft left on the 21st May 1945. the ground unit sailed for the US on the 25th June 1945 aboard the Queen Elizabeth. Docked the US in July 1945, but the group inactivated on the 28th August 1945. It was then reactivated as a Minuteman missile wing in 1963 and established at Whiteman AFB, Mo.

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