Army Air Forces in Europe

world war II

91st Bomber Group

8th Air Force 91st BG

The Ragged Irregulars

Squadrons of the 91st BG

322nd Bombardment Squadron - Heavy
323rd Bombardment Squadron - Heavy
324th Bombardment Squadron -Heavy
401st Bombardment Squadron - Heavy

Assigned 8th AAF: September 1942

Wing/Command Assignment

VII BC, 1 BW: Sep 1942
VII BC, 1 BW , 201 PCBW Feb 1943
VII BC, 1 BD, 1 CBW 13 Sep 1943
1 BD, 1 CBW 8 Jan 1944
1 AD, 1 CBW 1 Jan 1945

Combat Aircraft:



KIMBOLTON 12 Sep 1942 to 13 Oct 1942
BASSINGBOURN 14 Oct 1942 to 23 Jun 1945

Group COs

Col. Stanl ey T. Wray 15 May 1942 to 1 May 1943
Lt. Col William M. Reid 1 May 1943 to 23 May 1943
Lt. Col Baskin R . Lawrenc e 23 May 1943 to 25 Jun 1943
Lt. Col. Cl em ens L. Wurzbach 25 Jun 1943 to 12 Dec 1943
Col. Claude E. P utn am 12 Dec 1943 to 16 May 1944
Col. Henry W. Terry 17 May 1944 to 30 May 1945
Lt. Col. Dona ld E. Sheeler 30 May 1945 to Jun 1945

First Mission: 7 Nov 1942
Last Mission: 25 Apr 1945
Missions: 340
Total Sorties: 9,591
Total Bomb Tonnage: 22,142 Tons
Aircraft MIA: 197

Major Awards:

Two Distinguished Unit Citations: 11 Jan 1944 Oschersleban and 4 Mar 1943 Hamm

Claims to Fame

Highest total claims of enemy aircraft destroyed in 1st BD - 420
Highest loss of all 8AF bomb groups - 197 Aircraft MIA
First group to attack a target in the Ruhr - 4 March 1943 Hamm
Lead the famous Schweinfurt mission of 17 Aug 1943
First 8AF bomb group to complete 100 missions - On 5 Jan 1944
Selected to test first flak suits in Mar 1943
B-17G Nine 0 Nine completed 140 missions without a turn back for mechanical reasons.

Early History:

Activated 15 April 1942 at Harding Field La. Nucleus commander 1 LT. Edward R. Eckert. Expansion began with first phase training at McDill field Florida on 16 May 1942 to 22 thru 25 June of 1942. Second and third phase of training was in Walla Walla AB, Washington, under the 2AF between 26 June 1942 and 24 Aug 1942. ground echelon by train from Fort Dix, NJ, and boarded Queen Mary on 2 to 5 Sep 1942. They arrived Gourock on the 11th of September 1942. Air echelon left Walla Walla on 24th August 1942. for Gowen Field, Idaho, where the first B-17s were assigned. Air echelon then moved to Dowfield, Me. but not until early October of 1942 were enough new B-17s available to complete the Group's complement. First squadron flew the north Atlantic route in late September 1942.

Subsequent History:

Redeployed to the USA on May/June 1945. First of the air echelon departed the United Kingdom on 27 May 1945. Ground echelon sailed on Queen Elizabeth on the 24th of June 1945, arriving at Camp Kilmer, NJ on the 29th of June 1945. On July 2nd 1945 Group was established at Drew field, Florida. Scheduled for Pacific service but never fully mannned. The Group was inactivated on the 7 November 1945. It was activated again in 1947 in the Strategic Air Command as a Strategic Reconnaissance Group, using RB-17 and RB-29s. In July 1950 was equipped with RB-45 and RB-47s. Then in Late 1950 was inactivated, but later was activated as a B-52 wing and flew sorties in Vietnam. In 1968 it was designated a Minuteman missle wing at Minot AFB, ND.

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